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Cover Jesus Christus5 CD "Jesus Christus" (Ted Richley)

Love Will Find A Better Solution (Ted Richley)

We all know the rough things in life,
the thousand situations that hurt,
the unanswered questions,
the struggle to survive,
and things gettin' more and more absurd.

We all know that bunch of pain and grief,
that every now and then will line the way,
nothing else more seems worthy to achieve,
but to end this mess and throw it all away.
But love will find a better solution,
for those who let love rule their heart,
love's the end of every confusion,
and love is the way for true life to start.

We all have our own walk of life,
and everyone's involved in selfishness,
but all our crazy efforts
surely ever will derive
a lonely walk that leads into distress.

And everytime you are confused
and you're about to lose,
the faith in everything and everyone,
when there only seem to be
a thousand reasons to give up
and you can't see any reason to go on.
Then love will find a better solution,...


Words & Music: Ted Richley

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